Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I imagine that in the kingdom of God, where the new heaven and earth reign, there will be no winter.

No. There will be winter. I will not feel the cold.

No. I will feel the cold. It will not be unpleasant.

I will know it. I will even feel it. But it will not make me shiver.

No. I will shiver. But it will be from pleasure, not to keep my core temperature from dropping.

Today, even with the heat on as high as I dare turn it (what with trying to save money and all) I can feel the outside air drawing the heat from by body, demanding the warmth of my blood as a sacrifice. Winter is a primitive warrior, using ice cycles for arrows.

No. He is the archbishop of the other hell. The one that does in fact freeze over.

Someday, I will walk its banks and feel the cold and marvel in its beauty and it will not phase me. Not at all.