Friday, September 24, 2010

Coffee Dragons

The thing is,when I'm overwhelmed with too much to do, I tend to do just the opposite and occupy myself with things that have no value whatsoever except that they amuse me. Which is no small feat, if you want the truth.

I have GOBS to do right now. So, I've been taking pictures of coffee dragons. It's like looking at clouds. Only it's coffee.

To me, the one pictured above is a dragon embryo. Actually, lots of them are dragon embryos. Maybe I should say this one is a dragon with wings. Albeit short wings.

Here's the skull of an eagle. Raptors are dragons sort of.

Here's one blowing smoke out of his snout.

This one's "The Wizard" dragon. I like the bubble eye
and the fact that he looks like he's wearing a robe.

There are more, but the photos are not loading the
way I want them to. Anyhow, I hope you too enjoy
the coffee dragons. What do you do with your "free"

(And btw, this is not the best thing for a person with
OCD to do. I now feel I MUST have my camera at the
ready when I make my coffee. I have let my coffee
get cold looking for my camera. I discovered that cold
coffee makes better dragons!)