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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Thought Exercise was GOOD for Stress!!

I think it's a combination of things. I'm almost sure it isn't ONLY because I'm almost 50 years old. (OMG, just looking at that number makes me want to shriek!) But whatever the reason, I am not bouncing back into running like I used to. It's taking forever to progress back to 3.1 miles. And I'm s-l-o-w. Very.

A few days back, I ran maybe a mile on the road. Took about twelve minutes. The next day, I pushed it out a little further. Fourteen minutes. Today, I ran a mile and a half. Twenty minutes!! Grr! I need three miles in 35 minutes. At this rate, it's going to take me over 40 minutes to run just 3.1 miles. I have until April 9. Race day.

Right now, I'm just hoping I finish without having to walk part of it.

I've never felt this wiped out in all my life. I know that the uncertainty of the whole job thing and where will we be and what will we be doing is chewing on my life line. But I think it's interfering with exercise too.

I plod on, though. I will prevail. In fact, if we end up in Pensacola, I could return to SC in some of my previous awesomeness as I'd be able to run most of the winter. Unless... it really is that I'm almost 50 and...

Shhh. Hush now, other self. We are as young as we feel. Which right now is about 102.